Cannabis is our passion. Every step of our cultivation and harvest processes are meticulously planned and executed to consistently bring you the highest quality flower.

All our new cannabis plants start as clones, which guarantees strain consistency. During this phase, we sometimes clip the fan leaves so the clones focus their energy on growing strong roots.

Selected clones are planted into root blocks during the vegetative stage which provide the foundation our plants need for healthy root development for the rest of their life cycle. In this stage, plants receive 18 hours of light per day to stimulate plant growth.

Once a plant is large enough, its light source is reduced to 12 hours per day, which prompts the plants to start flowering. As tiny buds start to emerge, they are identifiable by bright green center growth and small white hairs.

Within 8 weeks the flowering plant has reached maturity. The buds have transformed into fully developed flowers, bright in color and coated in sugary trichomes.

Once the dried flower is properly cured, it is carefully trimmed and delicately manicured by hand to maintain the bud structure without disrupting the native cannabinoids and trichomes.

Each bud is then hand-selected to ensure our highest quality flower makes its way to you.